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    Le Bataclan

    Posted on November 16, 2015 by Paul | 27 Comments | Jump to Comments Box Below

    As I was driving to the airport on a rainy Seattle day, I received a text message from my daughter who is studying in Paris.  It simply said “I’m in my apartment and I’m okay”.

    I had just finished worshiping with 1000 fellow believers that morning.  After checking my phone for news, the preliminary reports about the horrible events that took place in Paris started trickling in.
    Less than 6 months earlier, the entire Bataclan theatre had been full also as in the photo above.  We had gathered there with French worshipers to worship the only true God of Peace. It was an electrifying worship night that I remember vividly.  If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know France has a special place in my heart.  My grandparents came from Paris, my parents still spoke French with each other occasionally, and after visiting France a few years ago, I fell in love with the country of my ancestors.  I’ve met some precious believers there who’ve quickly become life friends. Last year, my daughter moved to Paris to study French.  And we’ve recorded 2 French worship albums that I know have encouraged French speaking believers, both in and outside of France.
    Just last year, I was much closer to a similarly tragic event.  We had just finished a tour of Asia, ending the journey with an amazing celebration in Kuala Lumpur. Few things are more joyful to me than worshiping God together with believers in other nations. As the band flew home, I had decided to join my manager and bass player for a 2-day stopover in Beijing before flying home.  My manager’s daughter had just moved there to study Chinese for a year.
    So on February 24, we boarded Malaysian Airlines flight MH 360 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Just 12 days later, a Malaysian airliner flew that exact same route and disappeared forever.
    In this broken world, tragedy can strike us in what seems like the most random moments.  We can miss it by just a few miles, like my daughter did, or miss it by a few days, as I did in February 2014.
    Today we grieve with those that have lost their loved ones in an event that was meant to cause pain and fear.  Though we can’t avoid the pain, thoughts of fear I won’t entertain.  I’ve dedicated my life to worshiping a God of love and kindness and there is no room for fear.
    If you know anyone in your family, your church, or your circle of friends and acquaintances that speaks French, I want to give you a gift of encouragement.  At the bottom of this message, you will find a link.  It contains 14 free worship songs, the entire French Worship Album “Glorieux”, that you are free to give away, email to others. Let songs of worship be our answer to any thoughts of fear that might want to intrude our minds.
    I am determined to respond to the events in Paris with a message of encouragement, peace, joy, and faith in a God who sees our pain and decides to be with us in our spirit as we journey through life.



    Link for a free download of the album “Glorieux”:


    Dannie Brown 16/11/15


    Anne Christen 17/11/15

    Thank you soooo much for your love for France… And thank you sooooooooooo much for these french woship songs. For us, it’s something different when you’re worshipping God in your own langage, than in english, you know? and we need it sooooooo much right now. We just need to worship God, and keep our eyes on Him alone, on His Glory, His Love for us, His care for us, and on the hope we have that we will see Him one day !
    Thank you so much once again. You’re a blessing of God for us. May God bless you too.

    Darla Brochu 17/11/15

    You are such a good-hearted person. Thank you for the free download. We pastor a church in Paris, and we will gladly make this music available to anyone who has not already purchased your CD. God bless you and your ministry.

    Camille Hartmann 17/11/15

    Merci beaucoup Paul for your support, for your love and heart for our country. Thank you for blessing French people by giving hope, joy, comfort and peace through music that helps to focus on God and on who He is in every situations. It was an honor to help and work on this album. Great memories. Que Dieu te bénisse !

    Jane Dunlop 17/11/15

    Paul, thankyou for your amazing gift of generosity! I don’t speak French, so won’t access this, but have passed to others who have been deeply affected by the tragic events in Paris. I pray they accept your gift & that it speaks to them and blesses them. God bless you, & I pray Gods protection around your daughter as she continues life in Paris. Thankyou again xx

    Bruce Manes 17/11/15

    Thanks for all you are!!!

    Fouliard Jonathan 18/11/15

    Merci beaucoup

    Samuel Widmer 18/11/15

    Merci !

    Didier (France) 18/11/15

    Merci à vous, Paul ! Thank you very much, Paul !
    God bless you !

    MikSo 18/11/15

    Merci !

    Cécilia 18/11/15

    Je suis Française et je suis bouleversée par les récents événements. Un ami chrétien était au bataclan ce soir là et Dieu merci il s’en est sorti sain et sauf. Je n’ai pas peur car j’ai remis ma vie à Dieu et je lui fais confiance mais j’ai mal au coeur pour ces familles qui pleurent leurs proches.
    Je n’ai de cesses de prier pour les victimes, pour les proches et surtout pour ces gens qui terrorisent le monde.
    Merci pour votre générosité et votre gentillesse, je vais Telecharger votre album et continuer de louer Dieu.
    Que Dieu vous bénisse

    LE GUILLOU Yannick 18/11/15

    Merci mon frère pour ta générosité et le partage de ta louange! Sois béni!
    En Chrisy, Yannick

    Koodun 18/11/15

    Thank you. You’re lovely

    Véronique 18/11/15

    Merci Paul pour ta compassion. Que Dieu te bénisse.

    Olivier Savary 19/11/15

    Merci Paul

    It’s always a pleasure tu hear songs from you!
    I’m looking forward to see you back in #PorteOuverteChretienne @ #Mulhouse

    Sois béni, toi et les tiens
    Olivier S.

    Robinet Isabelle 19/11/15

    Thank you Paul for your message. I remember last year when you came for a concert in northern france in Roubaix. I was there. It was a nice time in the presence of the Lord. Thank you for your worship and your love for us. Gos bless you and protect you and your daughter !


    Albert 21/11/15

    Hi, thanks Paul for your gift and your heart for french people. God bless you

    SCHAEFFER Philippe 21/11/15

    Je tenais à vraiment vous remercier pour vos encouragements.
    On sent les Etats-Unis très touchés par ses évènements.
    (Notre fille fait ses études à Goschen Collège au USA (IN)).
    Vous nous comprenez car vous ont déjà subi ces atrocités…
    Nous sommes Chrétiens et notre fils fait ses études à Paris, (il aime lui aussi le Seigneur).
    Il était dans les rues de Paris lors des évènement du Bataclan. Mais il était à l’abri de cette barbarie.
    Notre cœur pleurs avec ceux qui pleurs, et nous voudrions tellement que la France se tourne
    vers Jésus-Christ.
    Merci encore pour votre ministère. J’aime vos compositions et je les chante régulièrement à la guitare.

    alves christine 21/11/15

    thank you so much. God bless you

    Joos 22/11/15

    Je suis chrétienne et j’aime vos cantiques que je déchiffre dans les albums JEM

    chatelain 22/11/15


    Zab 26/11/15

    Merci Paul pour ce cadeau qu’est l’album Worship !
    Les événements du Bataclan sont terribles et même si nous n’étions pas sur les lieux, mais derrière nos écrans, personnellement, je veux respecter par mes pensées et ces quelques mots le deuil de celles et ceux qui ont perdu des membres de leur famille ! Que Dieu vous bénisse dans ce merveilleux et glorieux travail de louange !

    Jérôme S 28/11/15

    Merci beaucoup! demeurez béni.

    Corine Barrett 29/11/15

    Merci pour ce beau cadeau et tes encouragements. Blessings.

    Philip 15/12/15

    Paul – Thank you for offering the Glorieux album for free download.
    I gave it to a lady in our church whose primary language is French, and she was so grateful… so much so that she even fell to the ground saying Thank You to me and the Lord over and over again!

    Merry Christmas and Blessings to you and your team!

    Sabine 16/12/15

    Merci Paul.
    Je rends graces au Seigneur pour Son amour Sa fidelite et Sa benediction à travers Ses serviteurs, dont vous faites partie.

    Guillaume 17/01/16

    Thank you Paul for your kindness and generosity!

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