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    Posted on March 17, 2010 by Paul | 5 Comments | Jump to Comments Box Below

    Elixir Acoustic Strings

    Elixir strings come standard on the McPherson guitar and they’re also my strings of choice.  I’ve been happy with the Medium Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar strings, 80/20 bronze.  String gauges:

    E     0.013

    B     0.017

    G    0.026

    D    0.035

    A    0.045

    E    0.056

    eamonn quinn 26/04/10

    greetings from the west of ireland. thanks for the information on the gear that you use,its really helpful,please keep it up.bless you……….quinn

    Derek 03/05/10

    I really appreciate you sharing your gear with us. One tiny request, though, would be your preference in picks (brand and guage). Everyone has their own choice, but this would just sate my curiosity.

    Jon Privett 17/05/10


    Loved the update and enjoyed all the great information.

    Matthew Trego 04/09/10

    If you use 13′s on your acoustic, do you not use standard tuning?

    I imagine the string tension would be pretty high without tuning to at least Eb or D Standard.

    Eric Paul 11/08/11

    I use the same strings as Paul and I love them. I have been using them since I got my Taylor guitar, which came with those exact strings.

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