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    If you’re a songwriter, you’ve undoubtedly had unplanned times of singing at a friend’s house, a hotel room, or alone in your car. Moments void of time constraints, expectations from others, or life’s constant demands . . . moments ripe for inspiration.

    Many times the pleasure of singing new songs or melodies has been frustrated by the inability to capture that phrase, that simple chorus or a melody line that was birthed in spontaneity. Behind me is a 20 year trail of little handheld recorders that invariably broke or got lost, tunes sung into my home answering machine, and audio cassettes recorded at church that ended up being mislabeled or misplaced. Lyric ideas jotted down on napkins, the back of airline tickets or receipts, somehow never made it to my home where I really needed them.

    About 5 years ago I began using the software program MasterWriter.  This program runs on just about any modern laptop and has become my ultimate tool for recording both audio and lyric ideas.  Since it’s installed on my laptop,  I always have it with me and I have successfully saved hundreds of lyric ideas and melodies.

    Besides recording your ideas, it can play simple drum loops to play along with, has an innovative rhyming dictionary with perfect and imperfect rhymes, alliterations, thesaurus, and other practical tools. MasterWriter has transformed the way I capture and work on my song ideas.  I’ve used it for every song on my last 3 worship projects.

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    Though we do not sell this software through our store, we’ve negotiated a $20.00 discount for visitors.  When you order MasterWriter, use Discount Coupon number 2083.  You will only pay $179.00 instead of $199.00.

    David Millner 05/05/10


    I really appreciate your website and the helps you have for singer/songwriters.

    I am interested in knowing about a software that i can use on my laptop to actually put the notes on the proper lines and spaces on a musical staff for a leadsheet. Do you know of any such program you can recommend?


    David Millner
    Orange, Texas

    Harry 404 07/05/11

    Paul, thanks for putting up this section on “gear”. Great to see how you do it.

    Regarding capturing song ideas when “out-and-about” I’ve been using my iPhone. The iTalk app (free version) is intuitive and reliable. Generally more accessible than a laptop, too. I assume there are similar apps for other phones.

    I also record our worship-band rehearsals with my phone so I can later rehearse with the band when they’re not there. (I put the phone out in the house to capture a house mix.) It’s an exceedingly helpful tool; I often hear things after rehearsal, and get ideas (for my electric guitar parts) that I didn’t have during rehearsal.

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