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    In-ear monitors

    Posted on March 17, 2010 by Paul | 3 Comments | Jump to Comments Box Below

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    Crucial for any musician during a live performance is having the best monitor mix possible at the correct volume.  It will keep you relaxed while singing, make it easier to control your pitch, and protect your hearing.

    On some stages, floor wedges will work fine, and I often prefer them if the stage volume is not too overpowering.  On smaller stages, or at large events with lots of stage volume, in-ear monitors are often essential.

    The ES3X Musician’s Monitors are amazing.  These custom monitors require you to get ear impressions made by an audiologist.  The impressions are sent to Westone who will use them to manufacture  your personalized in-ear monitors.

    Joe 21/05/10

    How much do these in ears usually go for??

    Steven Rose 12/06/10

    Thanks for all this I fo on your rig. Can you tell me what monitor mixer you use? I am watching your Offering concrt DVD, I love the music – we play several of your songs in our church in Jacksonville, but I can’t tell from the DVD which mixer you use. If you could reply that would be great. Even if you can’t I hope you do read this, as I want you to know just how annoonted your music is, how joyful and loving, respectful and deep. Thank you for all you do. Be blessed, Steven

    Jody 17/12/10

    Hi Paul,

    I really appreciate how you have given back to the Lord this ministry that you and your band are involved with. It is evident, and one big way is how you desire to build up other lead worshippers.
    My question specific gear question is what type of personal monitor system you use.


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