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    Posted on March 17, 2010 by Paul | 3 Comments | Jump to Comments Box Below

    LR Baggs Para DI

    I’ve tried a number of D.I.’s over the years with varying degrees of success.  It’s probably best to A-B different models to see which one suits your particular guitar best.

    I currently use the LR Baggs Para D.I. Together with the LR Baggs pick-up system in my McPherson guitar, it seems to be the perfect fit and gets the best possible sound reproduction.

    Nathan Jackowell 19/03/10

    Paul, you have been and continue to be one of my absolute favorite musicians. This is due to the fact that you are so transparent as a person and so generous in freely sharing your music with the rest of us. If I want to use one of your awesome songs in my church for worship I can just come to your site and you show me how to play it. Dude, you are the best and I thank you.

    Elvis Joy 21/04/10

    Praise God Paul,

    My name is Elvis. I am a christian musician/worship leader. I’m really inspired by the way Lord is using you. I just wanted to appreciate you for your good work. It is really helpful to mention about the gears you are using. And what you use is the best in market. I was wondering why you dint use LR BAGGS venue. Instead of BOSS TU3 with LR BAGGS. Cus the LR BAGGS Venue comes with a chromatic tuner and there is 5band EQ and lot of features. Is there any particular reason you are using separate tuner and direct box instead of a combined? Just curious about it. Kindly reply if possible. Thank you.


    paul 26/04/10

    Thank you and you are welcome Nathan! Paul B.

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