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    Bob Kauflin’s review of “Glorious”

    Posted on April 5, 2010 by Paul | 3 Comments | Jump to Comments Box Below

    Glorious Reflection CD Cover blog

    Bob Kauflin: I reviewed Paul Baloche’s new album, “Glorious”. I emailed Paul a few questions which he was kind enough to answer. As long as I’ve known Paul he has always been gracious and  humble. His songs are sung across the world, yet he consistently encourages those around him, laughs at himself, and directs people’s hearts to the glory of  Jesus Christ. He’s also been serving in his local church for the past 20 years. So grateful for his example of humility. Here’s the interview:

    赖爱武 24/04/10

    hello,Bob..i am so glad to get on touch with family know you by watching your video on the internet.[what a friend we have in JESUS].my husband loves your song and was moved though he did not know English at all.THANK GOD,he is close to HIM gradually.and takes part in the service in our church.
    i do hope one day you and your team can come to China.and to our church.may GOD bless you and your family,your church.HE will lead your way .

    赖爱武 24/04/10

    i will pray for you and your service in our LORD. we are in one family .i believe my husband will meet you one day .one week after he listened to your song again and again for the first time ,his loving mother passed away.your song comforted him for a long time.GOD is so good, we sang the same song .[what a friend we have in JESUS] at my mother-in -law ‘s bury worship.GOD ,we are loving you forever.
    Good morning ,FATHER,JESUE, HOLY Spirit.i love you.
    Good morning,my dear brother in Lord.

    Eduardo Magal 22/09/11

    Brasil, RJ- hello, Poul Ministre that God blessed today is the teday.God is good

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