• Leadworship Workshops

    Fairfield, CT | Friday & Saturday, October 30 – 31

    Join us for the Leadworship Workshop at Black Rock Church in Fairfield, Conneticut, on February 27 – 28.  We look forward to worshiping with you on Friday evening and immersing ourselves in a day of instruction and encouragement on Saturday.  The links on the right contain detailed information about the presenters, event schedule, directions, and more.

    All of the general sessions and workshops are designed to:

    • Encourage and equip your entire worship team
    • Deepen the spiritual life of each team member
    • Be interactive, up-close and personal with each presenter
    • Increase your passion for leading others in your local church

    We encourage you to bring your entire worship team and take advantage of our group discount. Consider this event a 24-hour worship retreat that will inspire and strengthen your group and impact the congregations you serve.

    We encourage you to bring your entire worship team and take advantage of our group discount.  Registration is only $49.00 for a group of 4 or more.  Individual registration is $59.00.

    Please pass this information on to others who are involved in worship ministry.

    Paul Baloche and the staff

    Event Information

    * Admission to the Friday Worship Night can be added to your workshop registration for only $1.00 and is also available as a separate event for the general public at $10.00 per person. To purchase tickets for the Friday Worship Night only, go to

    * There is no need to contact us if you wish to change workshop you have signed up for. Workshop selection is only important for us to determine general class size and help us designate the right size room for each workshop.

    * There will not be a registration line on Saturday morning: your name badge is proof of registration. If the conference is not sold out, we will accommodate walk-up registration at the event.

    *As a workshop registrant, you will receive early admission and preferred seating to the Friday Worship Night. Please present your name badge when you enter the church on Friday afternoon for the optional sound check at 4:00 PM and/or for the Worship Night. Remember to bring it with you again on Saturday morning.

    * Feel free to bring your guitars to the workshops. However, we will not be doing group exercises with the guitar.

    * We will provide free water bottles throughout the day. We will not provide lunch. In order to maximize our instruction time, we’re keeping the lunch break to 75 minutes, which is relatively brief. If you plan to bring your own lunch, you’ll be able to enjoy it at several locations throughout the building. If you plan to eat lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area, please be aware that workshops commence again at 1:15 PM.

    * All times, schedules, presenters, etc. are subject to change at any time.

    * Venue address:

    Black Rock Church
    3685 Black Rock Turnpike
    Fairfield, CT 06825