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    I want to invite you to join us at a Leadworship Workshop in the cities listed on the right in Pennsylvania, California, and Iowa.  These 24-hour worship intensives begin with an Evening of Worship on Friday and a day of instruction on Saturday.  The workshops will cover both  the heart of worship, as well as address the importance of working on your primary skills as a musician.

    All of the general sessions and workshops are designed to:

    • Encourage and equip your entire worship team
    • Deepen the spiritual life of each team member
    • Be interactive, up-close and personal with each presenter
    • Increase your passion for leading others in your local church

    I encourage you to bring your entire worship team and take advantage of our group discount. Consider this event a 24-hour worship retreat that will inspire and strengthen your group and impact the congregations you serve.

    We’ve kept the registration affordable to allow for maximum participation. For groups of 4 or more, registration is only $59.00 per person. Individual registration is $69.00.

    Please pass this information on to others who are involved in worship ministry. I hope you can join us for a transforming weekend.

    Paul Baloche and the staff

    What Others Are Saying

    “We are so grateful on many levels. The workshop was fantastic and the worship was so refreshing. As a worship team we don’t get the opportunity to be on the other side of the fence very often. There are so many ways the conference influenced our group and we were immediately able to implement some of them… our worship the following Sunday morning was GREAT!!”

    “I’m a pastor of a small church of 80 and my small team would never have been able to go to most worship conferences. Thank you so much for doing something so helpful. Your format and cost was perfect for what we needed. The workshop was amazing and please do it again!”

    “Just a note of thanks for all that you and the team did for our church. Everyone was really stoked afterward and ready to go back and “infect” the church at home with the energy they received. I attended the Leading Worship workshop and the Electric Guitar workshop. Both were excellent and the workshop lengths were perfect. We had free flowing Q&A and enough time to be exposed to way more than we could assimilate. The registration fee was very reasonable. It was low enough for our whole team to attend.”

    “The conference was amazing! Our worship team learned so much and honestly, it was refreshing to be the ones in the congregation being filled and ministered to. Our team already picked up things that we used the next Sunday morning and we could see a huge difference! I can’t wait to attend next year!”