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    Christmas Worship Album

    Posted on July 23, 2013 by Paul | 8 Comments | Jump to Comments Box Below

    This October, Paul Baloche will release a new Christmas Worship album with a collection of classic carols, and modern Christmas worship songs and medleys.  Bookmark this page for updates and future sneak previews to demos and charts.

    Now that summer has come to an end, many worship pastors are asking “What are we doing for Christmas?”

    The songs on this Christmas worship album are meant to allow genuine worship to take place while also singing the traditional Christmas songs that celebrate this special season.

    Robin Williamson 28/07/13

    Thank you for being a willing vessel and for letting God to use you.

    Kevin 16/08/13

    Sounds exciting. Praying for a close walk with the Lord among all the distractions of the modern world
    In Him we find our strength and the answers we are looking for,

    Mauricio 22/08/13

    I want this great new album

    Pat Shelby 27/08/13

    Very excited for this release!

    Mano Selvakumar 29/08/13

    Waiting for this new album since after “The Same Love”

    Samuel Shine Soans 12/09/13

    Eagerly awaiting!!!

    Gerod 30/10/13

    Hey Paul! Just got it…..Love it man. See you next month at CMS. I’ll bring my Taylor just in case you break another E lol

    Love it!

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